The Misonix SonicOne O.R. System is an innovative ultrasonic surgical debridement system that allows surgeons to address the challenges chronic wounds present to them, the patient, and the health-care system. SonicOne O.R. establishes a new standard in surgical wound bed preparation, an essential first step in the wound healing process.


The SonicOne is indispensable in our clinic. There is a great sense of security to be able to achieve reduction in necrosis, debris, and bacteria from our patient's wounds with minimal to no discomfort, as well as the satisfaction of promoting wound healing at the same time."

Dot Weir, RN, CWON, CWS, Program Director,
The Wound Healing Center of Osceola Regional Medical Center


The MaxCast Plus & MaxCast Plus Synthetic

Traditional total contact casting has long been considered
to be the "Gold Standard" for the offloading of diabetic
and neuropathic plantar foot ulcerations.

The MaxCast Plus system is the lightest, strongest, lowest
profile system available today. It can be applied in less than
five minutes and can accommodate all of your patients.

WoundKair Therapuetic Surfaces

WoundKair Concepts provides a suite of specialty wound care therapeutic support surfaces that rival the best in today's marketplace. Our therapeutic support surfaces include dynamic dry floatation, low air loss and the highest quality of alternating air modalities.

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WoundKair Concepts, Inc. is a specialty wound care company offering advanced wound care modialities. Each of our products are FDA approved and have been tested by many physicians to verify timely and positive outcomes. We are very proud of our products and our service and are dedicated to providing the patient the best possible wound healing solution.